How to hide a trail cam for home security

There are cameras on the market that will not do justice when it comes to catching a thief on a their way to burglarize a home or private property. The fact is, how can you catch a thief or burglar when he sees a camera’s red light on flashing at him. He/she will either go up to it, spray-paint the lens, put something over it, or break it all together. Instead, using a trail camera for home security can work if you know how to hide a trail cam for home security. This way the “would be” home invader will not be able to get to it if he/she sees it.

When you want to catch a thief or a burglar, you can use a game camera with an IR flash. Some people who’ve used them have said that they there are 20 seconds with a 30 second delay on them.

How to hide a trail cam for home security

Picture captured by bushnell aggressor red-glow

And, while some of the photo stills are about 4 MP per day and about 2 MP for the night, they seem to do the trick. Also, a home owner can use a power-jack on them in order to use any kind of battery for them.

There are a dozens of game cameras on the market. Using them for home security have been known to work since a number of these cameras can shoot photos of burglars walking or prowling down the streets or around the homes on private properties. Plus, with those 30 second delays, they may also have resolution which may not be so noticeable but, those individuals will still be noticeable anyway.

They also use SD cards to 2 GB in memory, while their sensors are actively pretty good as well.

Game cameras and the five areas to put them in

Here are some places that you can use a game camera for security purposes at your property.

  1. Utilizing a camera on a home’s structure such as the garage, if the garage is attached to the home, is the normal place to put it. Most thieves or home burglaries tend to start in the garages.
  2. Utilizing a camera on a tree or bush near the home, but within the bush and hidden deep inside it with still a good viewing from within. This will catch a thief going towards the home or private property.
  3. Utilizing a camera that has an IR flash which will light up when anyone gets near a vehicle thereby identifying the intruder quickly, but from the inside of the home. You can place the camera within the window, such as above the right or left upper corner of the window pane.
  4. Cameras can be put down on the grown facing upward and facing the home or garage area. This can be on the right or left tip of the corner of the yard behind a decorative garden area.
  5. Another area you can put a hunting camera on your property to catch a prospective burglar is on a light-post. Most light-posts are actually on the city property but it does the trick. If there is one across your home or caddy corner to your home, it’s still possible to put a cordless cam on it. This can take a wide angle shot for about 4 to 5 homes spread out.

There are some shots that are about 55 to 60 feet in front of the camera or even catch a thief across the street which is normally about 90 to 100 feet away. Cameras for security will have many configurations for certain models. But, they do have the capabilities to take both the photos and the videos while being a surveillance camera as well.

Security cams with various capabilities

Most of the models can capture the audio too. The superb security cameras will be in complete darkness and are optimized to capture even the license plates as burglars leave in their getaway cars.

There are popular camera units which have trail cameras that can send pictures to your cell phone. These types of security cams are popular because of the transmittals that the security cams are capable of taking. Finally, with game cameras on the rise because of such hidden exterior material they are made from, your property can be secured because of the images it takes when catching a thief on a trail of burglarizing any vehicle, garage, or home in your neighborhood, morning, noon, or night.Know more about game camera on