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How to Permanently Get Rid of Fleas in the House

Fleas are a constant worry for owners of pets. This is because they are notorious for feasting on animals and even humans too. Combating fleas in your house is no easy task. It will involve more than the natural remedies that most people preach.

To know how to get rid of fleas in the house, you must first understand that it’s a process. Brace yourself up for hard work and following the tips provided in this article.

Killing Fleas At The Source

Killing Fleas At The Source

Usually, flea infestation originates from pets like dogs and cats. It is possible that your pet contracts it while playing around the compound or associating with other animals.

Treating fleas at the source will ensure that your pet does not keep getting infested after you treat it. This is the first step and also the most critical step to achieving a flea-free house.

Use a flea comb, while paying close attention to both the tail and neck of the pest, to comb the pet. Prepare hot soapy water and drop whatever flea you extract in it.

This will kill the flea. Contact your veterinarian and get advice on how to control fleas on pets. Make sure that none of your pets is left out of the treatment to avoid a transfer of the infestation.

Preparing Your House for Cleaning

Preparing your home for cleaning will involve you to pick all useless items lying around the house. The trick is to get as much carpeted area as possible to be visible and reachable to the vacuum.

Thus, do well to pick toys, papers, shoes, and boxes lying about. If you can, move the furniture as well. Also, ensure that areas like the underneath of your bed, and the inside of your closet are not left out. Immovable items like bookcases can be left untouched.

Clearing Your Home of Pets and Children

Clearing Your Home of Pets and Children

Ridding your house of objects and furniture is only a part of the clearing process. If a thorough flea wipe-out must be achieved, you have to go the extra mile by removing all pets including fish and birds from the house. Plates and water dishes should be well-covered too.

If the infestation is heavy, you might want to entirely do away with all pet bedding. If, however, the outbreak is mild, washing the linens thoroughly will do. Use soapy hot water to wash to kill all the fleas.

Note that this thorough washing should not only happen ones. You have to clean the beddings every week for a minimum of one month. Also, ensure that the kids are not around while all these are being done

Attack plan for killing fleas

Putting together an attack plan will take significant planning and time. Walk around the house to search for areas of flea infestation. In carpets, fleas have the appearance of dark spots, and they are quick to disappear.

Fleas prefer areas that are not frequented by people. They also love areas where sunlight cannot get to. Your pet’s sleeping spot is another place to raid.

How to Get Rid of Fleas from Your Carpet

Having cleared the area, the next thing to do is to vacuum. A beater-bar style vacuum is most useful for this process. Now, you have to be thorough with this. No areas should be left out. If you are unsure What is the best vacuum for fleas; Cleanthefloor has recommended some of the top rated vacuums that are too good for controlling fleas in your home.

Get Rid of Fleas from Your Carpet

You can check the list of flea vacuums here to get for your home.

Attend especially to your pet’s sleeping area or their favorite areas in the house. The same should go to areas where you and your family spend time or sleep.

Vacuuming is so vital because it will not only get rid of the fleas, it will also ensure that everything associated with them, like larvae and eggs, are cleared out. It will also draw fleas from their hiding place and kill them.

It’s Not Over Yet

After vacuuming the carpet (check what are the best carpet vacuum cleaner in UK), do the furniture and upholstery. Transfer content into a vacuum bag, seal and throw it out immediately. Make sure to repeat this vacuuming exercise every day for at least 10 days.

Stop only when you are confident that the fleas are gone completely. For a heavy infestation, try steam cleaning before vacuuming. The heat will kill a majority of the fleas

How to Get Rid of Fleas From Your Yard

Shaded areas and crawl spaces are comfortable for fleas. Therefore, you must ensure that all fleas are eradicated from the yard by using insecticides. Here’s a simple trick you can use to detect fleas.

Wear a pair of white stockings and walk around your yard slowly. Naturally, flies tend to jump on the socks and thus, they become seen. Note the areas where they are gathered and treat them with great care.

All these processes may seem too overwhelming. You can hire a pest management professional to help you out on how to get rid of fleas in the house.

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