How Does a Robot Lawn Mower Work
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How Does a Robot Lawn Mower Work?

There are various types of mowers in the market today. But have you heard of robot lawn mowers? Yes. Robotic mowers are a special kind of grass eater that runs on batteries, works automatically and charges itself. This robotic machine is just what you need for your lawn if you’re busy and can’t take out precious time to cut the grass in your yard. But how come they can work on their own? If you’re just as curious about how they work, then you should keep reading.

How Does a Robot Lawn Mower Work?

How Do Robot Lawn Mowers Work

Robot Lawn Mowers and Boundary Wire

Before starting a robot mower, there has to be a boundary wire strategically placed round all the spots that need mowing. This simple mapping system helps the machine to know where to mow and detect obstacles. Once the equipment receives a signal from the boundary wire, it interprets it as a sign of the presence of a barrier and therefore changes course immediately.

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Is the Boundary Wire Necessary at All?

The question of whether or not the boundary wire is necessary weighs heavy on the mind of many prospective buyers. There are cases where the lawn or yard is fenced, and there’s no danger of the machine running off by itself. In such situations as this, is there still a need for a boundary wire? The answer to this question is undoubted YES. The wire must be present if the robotic mower must work at all. The minute the cord is missing the device begins to show an error message, and this causes it to stop moving altogether.


Robot Mowers and Different Lawn Sizes

The area output of various models of robot lawn mowers vary. Some of these machines are made specifically to cater to small gardens and yards while others are designed to work on larger areas. If the robotic mower must achieve the indicated area output, it needs to function for one week. Despite this, sloppy and the hilly regions can cause the robot not to reach the stated area output. As such, if you own a lawn that is very steep, sloppy or hilly, the best thing is to purchase a strong and powerful robot mower model.

Compensate Breaks with a Higher Area Output

The more you use your robotic lawnmower on a lawn that is not so big, the more the required runtime reduces. This also goes a long way in reducing wear as well. A robotic lawn model with high area output is best suited for your lawn if the machine cannot be used frequently due to some factors like animals and children playing on the lawn in the day time.

Robotic Mowers offer Both Mowings and Fertilizing in a Single Step

One advantage that a robotic mower has over the other conventional lawn mowers is that they are capable of taking care of your lawn without your input. However, this is as long as the boundary wire is in place. They come with sharp rotating blades that cut grass into fine pieces while still depositing them on the lawn as mulch. As a result, they supply nutrient back to the soil and make the new growth healthier and greener. Through this, a robotic mower can perform the function of a mower while still fertilizing the soil in the process.

Robomower Blades

Most robotic lawn mower models have a rotating disk on which three floating blades are mounted. The Robot lawn models usually feature a solid knife that has two or three blades. This feature makes them best for lawns with foliage or windfalls. Generally, all the stones and branches serving as obstacles have to be removed from the area that needs to be mowed before you begin the exercise.

Are These Machines Safe?

Every robot mower comes with a sensor that is sensitive to obstructions. Usually, these sensors are what informs the blades of the machine about its proximity with a wall or object and make it stop or change its direction. Even when the device is either tilted or lifted, it recognizes the motion and stops. In addition to this, they have an emergency stop button that you can use anytime the need arises.


As wonderful as the advanced garden tools are, a lot of care needs to be exercised where they’re being used. Especially if you have children or pets, always keep an eye on the machine. This is because they have sharp blades that are likely to injure even humans if care is not taken.

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