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How to Choose the Right Shower Head?

How much time it might take to select a shower head? An hour or maybe two. Well, that’s what you think, right? But when you start to browse Amazon there are thousands of showering heads, which makes it confusing to choose the suitable option.

It’s the situation when you need to know their available styles. There are four main types of shower heads available in the market. On behalf of Furniture & Home, we will discuss all of them today.

Wall mountable shower heads

Wall mountable shower head

As you can understand from the name, wall-mountable shower heads are simple and affordable bathroom fixtures that attach with your wall. Replacement or upgrade is easy because you only have to unscrew the existing shower head and attach a new one.

Do not apply extra physical force while rotating the shower head, otherwise, its wall-mounted arm might break. If the connecting point is tight and you cannot move or rotate it, then use a lubricant like WD-40 to loosen it.

Primary features

  • Works with the existing showering system, you don’t have to replace anything else apart from the shower head
  • Comes with multiple spray models including rains shower and massage
  • Available at a cost-effective price range.
  • Best options: Aqua Elegante 3, Vivo Rainfall Shower Head Kit

Handheld shower heads

If you want targeted cleaning with an extension of up to 6 feet, then a handheld might be useful for your washroom. Such a fixture proves its worth when you need to wash your hair, bathe kids or pets, and even rinsing the bathroom sink or shower enclosure. Handheld showers are also wall-mountable and come with multiple spray modes.

Primary features

  • Most of the times work with an existing showering system
  • Great for your family as well as pets
  • Can be used in combination of a wall or ceiling mountable shower head
  • Some of the handhelds can attach to a wall-mountable bracket with sliding bar, which is adjustable at various heights
  • Best options: Y-home High-Pressure Shower Head, Nosame Shower

Ceiling mountable shower heads

Mounts above your head and offers a unique drenching experience that can be easily compared with the natural rain. These shower heads use a mounted flush or pendent to connect with the ceiling. Installing a ceiling mountable shower head is tough when compared with the replacement of handhelds or mountable options.

It’s because a ceiling mountable shower head seeks extensive plumbing upgrade, which is only possible by a professional. You can find a long range of such fixtures and the price varies according to the built quality and features. You can also choose a model with LED lighting, which is suitable for modern houses.

  • An elegant and luxurious addition to a new bathroom
  • Lacks the option to change the spray modes
  • Best options: KES Fixed Shower Head, Hansgrohe Raindance S

Body spray panels

Body spray panels

Try the body spray panels if you want to enjoy a spa-like showering experience without leaving your residence. Generally, such a bathing system is installed in a vertical row or on both the adjacent walls, so that you can enjoy a crisscross flow of water that massages all your body parts. Spray panels generally combine an overhead shower that looks like a mountable fixture.

Primary features

  • Recommended for a complete renovation, because such fixtures seek extensive plumbing upgrade
  • Spray outlets target shoulder, hip and knee. So, consider the height of a body spray panela and match the same with yours
  • Expensive among all the other variants
  • Best options: EBTOOLS Shower panel, Onyzpily shower panel column tower

Apart from the types, you should also consider some other factors while choosing a shower head for your bathroom. Let’s discuss some of them here.

Water pressure: All the bathroom showerheads seek some amount of psi for an effective flow of water. If the water pressure is low, a showerhead will not be able to offer a consistent and powerful water flow. Invest in a high-pressure shower head if you want to enjoy a satisfactory bath. For instance, Aqua Elegante 3 is a wall-mountable shower head that boosts the water flow.

 Spray modes: Most of the shower heads come with an option to change the water flow pattern. In other words, you can change the water flow and its intensity depending upon the mood or preferences. So, make sure you choose such a fixture that has the maximum number of water spray patterns.

Water consumption: An average shower head consumes 2.5 GPM of water. However, a high-pressure shower head might consume more water in comparison to other models. So, choose a model that consumes less water because it’s our responsibility to conserve this precious liquid for future generations. For instance, Lowenergie Eco Water saving shower head saves up to 50 per cent of water.

Appearance: Most of the times homeowners ignore this, but you need to choose a shower head that matches the internal décor of your bathroom. It might not sound crucial, but a high-quality bathing head tends to last for a long time. So, you should choose something stylish and aesthetically attractive.


If you consider all the above-mentioned factors to narrow down search results, then there are high chances that you will end up with an appropriate shower head for your bathing area. Try to choose a long-lasting model according to your showering style and budget. We at FurnitureAndHome wish you luck with your purchase.



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