String Trimmer vs. Edger
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String Trimmer vs. Edger

When it comes to keeping a lawn tidy and clean, garden tools like string trimmer and edger come to mind. A lawnmower is quite handy as well, especially when it comes to cutting grasses. However, they can only do little in keeping your lawn from shooting up untidily over the edges of walkways and driveways. But it is precisely for these unique situations that edgers and string trimmers have been designed.

String trimmers and edgers have almost the same function. So, you ever wondered which of these two garden equipment is the best? We have prepared a comparison of these two tools. Perhaps when next you go hunting for a garden tool you’ll make a more informed choice.

String Trimmer vs. Edger

Types of String Trimmers

The way a string trimmer works is through the rapid spinning motion of multiple pieces of a special kind of string known as monofilament string. As the strings turn at an incredibly high speed, they cut through blades of grass.

There are three basic types of string trimmer: corded-electric string trimmer, cordless-electric string trimmer and gas-powered string trimmer. Each of these three string trimmer types has both benefits and disadvantages.

It has been discovered that of the three string trimmer types, gas-powered ones are these most favored. This is because they offer the most power and capacity. They can easily tackle heavy-duty grass cutting and trimming.

But they have quite a few downsides. Gasoline-powered trimmers are quite heavy. While the engine of this trimmer has a lot to do with its weight, the gas needed to power the machine is also a factor. There’s also the fumes and smoke that they release while being used.

On another hand, Corded-electric string trimmers pose a series of new concerns. They are not as loud, bulky and expensive as gas trimmers. However, there’s often a limitation to how large an expanse the machine can trim because of its cord. Corded trimmers work through the power it receives from electricity which is accessed via an electrical cord. Once this cable is plugged in, the trimmer can only get as far as the wire allows.

Meanwhile, there’s also the cordless version of an electric trimmer. This type of trimmer has many similar features with the corded version. The significant difference, however, is that a cordless trimmer uses a battery. They are quite weighty because of their battery, but at least, they’re not limited by a wire. Still, the battery can quickly get exhausted and put a halt to the whole cutting process.

Types of Edgers

Edgers also come in the same three varieties in which a string trimmer comes. We have the two electric variants of edgers and the gasoline-powered edgers. You may want to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of the two electric edgers thorough. Why? This is because a cable is more likely to constitute a nuisance while you’re working with an edger than when working with a string trimmer. You can easily cut through the cable while using an edger.

When Should You Use a String Trimmer?

Most times, a lawn edger proves to be more precise and controlled than the string trimmers. This is because edgers have fixed, solid blades which can produce edges that are not only straight but neat as well.

However, a string trimmer has flexible monofilament fibers and usually are suspended at arm’s length in the air. It is also because of this that trimmers work best for trimming places where grass has grown too tall or thick. They also tackle areas that a lawnmower cannot get to. Reaching irregularly-shaped areas with this tool is not a problem since they are designed for it. In this respect, an edger cannot compare.

When to Use an Edger

In terms of design, edgers look like a combination of engine and sharp spinning blades on wheels. They do a great job of taking down rough and overgrown edges while creating a neat finish between the grass and the concrete. They’re perfect if what you want is an elegant edge around your walkways and sidewalks


Picking one of these two equipment is a tough decision. However, if you have the budget and means, you should purchase both of them. Though they seem to be meant for the same task, they perform it differently and produce different results as well. Buy at least one of these two tools, and you’ll be glad you did.