Walking With Rolling Walkers
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Permanent Disabilities Get Walking With Rolling Walkers

There are medical walkers without wheels and you see these standard economical walkers every day. They are usually built with telescoping aluminum supports and this walker is good for individuals with injuries or disabilities that are not long lasting.

Walking With Rolling Walkers

These inexpensive walkers are basically ‘throw-away’ items when the patient has been rehabilitated. The rolling walker is meant for long-term use by permanently disabled or balance challenged individuals.

Amongst the rolling walkers available, the Rollator is probably one of the better known. It has been around for purchase for over a half-century. The first Rollator was basically a standard walker with wheels attached. Unlike a regular walker, a Rollator doesn’t involve the lift and drop that a normal step walker requires.

This rolling function makes walking a much smoother process. Like the other rolling walkers, the Rollator requires that the user be stable enough and strong enough to not let the walker get away from them because it does have wheels. The Rollator has brakes which can be easily set by the operator. And it has a drop down seat when the user tires and needs a break.

The Hugo walker is another well-known brand of rolling walker and is popular because of its many varieties and functions. The Hugo also has brakes that can be readily set by the user.

It too has a drop down seat. The Hugo is available in both aluminum and steel frames and comes in a variety of frame colors and styles, making a fashionable statement.

Another famous brand is the Walklite. This rolling walker revolutionized the walker industry by addressing the needs of users at an affordable price. The Walklite has a flip-up seat, 5″ wheels, brakes, a lightweight aluminum frame, and with a backrest that is adjustable to the flip-up seat. The Walklite supports up to 300 pounds of weight.

When considering your walker you might ask yourself a few questions. How often will you be using your walker; what is your weight; do you need a shopping bag attachment; will the walker be used indoors or outdoors; do you need to fold it for transport; do you need an oxygen tank bracket; a laundry basket; do you need a carrier to allow you to take it with you on airplanes? There are other questions that will arise as you shop for your rolling walker.

Of all the brands of rolling walkers, the Hugo Walker, Roller, and the Walklite are the most well known and have a long history of durability and reliability.

And they are amongst those rolling walkers that are easy to maintain. You should maintain your walker by regularly checking the nuts, bolts, wheels, brakes and a general inspection to ensure the overall safety of your rolling walker.